Hello, it’s Jason here from Slug a Bug pest solutions coming at you from the beautiful Brisbane City. Today I’m going to be talking about a huge and costly issue affecting Brisbane homes and homeowners. Subterranean termites are so small, they find it quite easy to gain access to concealed entry points in your homes undetected. Then bam, straight into feeding on your timbers. Termites can be quite aggressive at times and cause damage very rapidly. I had a customer that had their bathroom damaged in six months period. Demolish from top to bottom by termites. Owners not noticing too little is way too late. This could just be heartbreaking finding out your home has just been destroyed by such a small pest. Subterranean termites are such a huge problem because they travel in mud tunnels underneath the slabs in the ground protected from all the elements and predators. Just constantly expanding their colonies, you’ll usually find the offending colony within about 100 meters radius of their area being attacked. My customers always asked me, Is my area high risk? Well, to answer that question, termites are everywhere. They produce termites that have wings called lates. They normally have a couple of swarms a year, you’ll find the young king and queen go off to meet their mates. When they meet their mates they start a new colony. The queen can live up to about 25 years producing 2000 eggs per day. few spots bring termites around your property. That’s a good sign that they are probably close by. And I recommend you call your local pest technician to arrange to have a termite inspection carried out immediately. If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that’d be me Jason from slug a bug. Termites are smart little bugs they will normally enter through areas such as cracks in the concrete slab pipes in the bathroom, normally found nesting the moist areas and dripping taps, leaking pipes, faulty guttering. You know trees touching the house from the external walls, wood piles that are up against the house. All these kinds of things forming bridges so the termites can go straight over your termite treated zone. Subterranean termites cause more damage at homes in Australia than floods, fires and storms combined. insurance companies with their house insurance will not insure homes for termite damage, leaving you with a big damage bill. It’s essential that if you find termites you do not disturb them because if you do, they are very weary creatures. And then when they’re disturbed, they will often retreat and restart destroying timbers in other areas of your home that are concealed providing safety and cover. If you come across termites or winged termites around your property, doing damage call me Jason at Slug a Bug  pest solutions on 1-800-959-6632. Arrange a comprehensive termite inspection. If we find you have active termites, we will carry out a spot treatment on your house using the latest and best non repellent chemicals. So we gain full colony control. Then I’ll carry out a free estimate for your termite treated zone to be installed to obtain sound protection for your most prized possession. Then we will come back re inspect the areas to affirm colony control here at slug about we use the latest the best products on the market, tried and tested for 18 years without one product failure Termidor and Termidor HE the company that makes Termidor and Termidor HE, are so confident in their product that they will offer a $2 million timber warranty and their other product. And now the same company also created a baiting system to Trelona ATBS. A revolution in termite baiting technology to learn ATBS is also the only baiting system that you can use in conjunction with Termidor HE. Due to termite risk and construction and design of your house. A combined treatment may be provided to form a most adequate and thorough protection on your home. Anyway guys, thanks for listening. It’s been a pleasure. This is Jason Cartlidge, signing off from slug a bug pest solutions here in Brisbane. Don’t forget to give me a call at 1-800-959-663 If you have any questions or need any advice, I’ll be here 24/7 7 days a week.