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Termite Inspection & Spot Treatment One Active Area


Take the guesswork out of pest control with Slug-A-Bug’s comprehensive Termite Inspection and Pest Control Service—now available with Afterpay. Don’t just treat; diagnose the issue accurately with our expert inspections, and then eliminate those nuisances for good. Act now, pay later—optimized for immediate and long-term relief from infestations.

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Searching for a full-circle solution to your termite and pest problems? Look no further. Slug-A-Bug offers a comprehensive Termite Inspection and

Termite Inspection & Spot Treatment

Concerned about termites but also want immediate action? Our Termite Inspection with Spot Treatment service offers a comprehensive solution. Here’s what we provide

Dual Focus We conduct a detailed inspection for termites and treat any active spots on the same visit.

High-Tech Tools Our technicians utilize advanced tools such as Termatrac devices and thermal cameras for precise detection.


Leveraging over 20 years of hands-on experience in the Queensland environment, our team of qualified technicians conduct meticulous inspections to identify the root of your infestation issues. Once diagnosed, we utilize cutting-edge treatments to exterminate pests, ensuring lasting protection for your property.

What’s more? Ease your financial concerns with our convenient Afterpay option. Get your termite inspection and pest control service done today and divide the cost into manageable installments. Whether it’s termite inspection or broader pest control, Slug-A-Bug provides immediate, effective solutions with the flexibility of delayed payments. Book now to protect your property’s integrity without straining your budget.”


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