Hello Jason here again from Slug a Bug pest solutions here in Brisbane. I want to help you reduce pest sightings in your home. So I’m going to jump straight into it. Today, I’m going to give you some more pest tips on how to keep pests from coming in your home when it comes to stopping prets from coming in your home prevention’s key. So, tip number one, make sure all windows have secured screens on them. This one is very important, otherwise you’re just letting pests come in and out of your home. Tip number two, make sure you do your best at sealing cracks and crevices around your home, around benches. doors, windows. Tip number three, make sure pipes entering into the exterior of your walls are adequately sealed. Did you know cockroaches can fly? So like any other flying insects. If you have no screens, they’ll fly in and out of your house whenever they feel like it. Unfortunately, pests haven’t learned to read yet so putting up a picket sign saying no entry just won’t cut it. And there is no magic wand or magic products that stopped pests from entering in open doors, cracks and crevices and holes in your home. So if you don’t follow simple prevention tips, be sure to have more sightings throughout the year with pests. Now that being said, Slug a Bug does use the latest non repellent products, reducing the pest population dramatically. So for every one cockroach rant that touches our treatment up to 50 more can die. It has amazing transfer effect. So if you’re having a pest problem, please call Slug a Bug today on 1-800-959-6638. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my pro pest tips. If this was helpful, please like and share this podcast and tell all your friends about Slug a Bug thanks once again for listening