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Warranty Conditions

12 month pest warranty is strictly for infestations only!
Warranty inclusions:
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders (Non-Webbing)

** No warranty on ants.

Prevention is Key!

All effective pest management starts with correct education to pest prevention alongside profession and quality chemical treatment plans.

You will be one step closer to achieving the highest quality pest free environment.

The best way to achieve 5-star pest management is to build the trust and partnership between customer and pest technician. Without this understanding it may affect the bond that is required for an all-round professional, long lasting service.  Working closely with your professional pest technician on the customised, conducive condition’s will ensure the best outcome for both the customer and pest technician.

Exterior Advice:

  • Keep gutters clear of leaves and debris
  • Cut back overhanging trees & foliage inContact with structure
  • No stored firewood, bricks, store goods against house etc.
  • Remove any stumps that act as harbourage for pest
  • Make sure there are no dripping taps or pooling water around the property.
  • Wash and clean pet bowls regularly.

Interior Advice:

  • Eliminate stored plastic bags in any cupboards or drawers.
  • No drawer linings
  • Eliminate clean/soiled dishes in and around sink.
  • Keep benches and floors clean from excessive crumbs or spills.
  • Keep bins regularly cleaned and emptied

Entry Points:

  • Screens on all Windows and doors ensuring tight seals. (Recommend weather stripping)
  • Seal all holes, pipe penetrations, cracks and cervices.

Cleanliness and housekeeping

  • Must be kept in order to reduce favourable conditions for pests other wise you and just inviting the creepy crawls in for a free feed and trust me they will come in.
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