German cockroaches fun facts:

  • Cockroaches are able to live with their head cut off for up to a week.  
  • They can hold their breath for up to 40 mins.  
  • Cockroaches are known to run for up to 3 miles.  
  • It is possible for a cockroach to live for 1 month without food. 

Feeding habits

German cockroaches are known to feed on just about any type of food source. You may have witnessed these pests feeding on spilt soups or drinks, toothpaste, dirty dishes left overnight or an unsealed rubbish bin, books, even the smallest amount of food crumbs that you may have missed whist busy cleaning and tidying up at home or in the work place. 


The female German cockroach will mate, breed and start producing baby German cockroaches in most climates and conditions. This common pest is able to produce up to 4 to 6 Ootheca (cases) during their life. Each Ootheca can contain up to a whopping 30- 40 eggs. The female then carries the full Ootheca for approximately 1 and 2 days prior to hatching. 

Depending upon living conditions and the development time ratio an adult German cockroach can have a life span of approximately 100- 200 days multiplying countless cycles of Ootheca’s. 

Spot and infestation

German cockroach droppings are identified as a small droplet of substance usually left behind in drawers, cupboards, countertops, under appliances and in hard to reach cracks and crevices. It is common to also see on visual inspection a slight smear of lightly raised substance. Be sure to inspect along tops of doors and small cracks and in crevices and openings in walls as these are magnificent little hidden holes which will accommodate perfect breeding grounds. 

German cockroaches will also give off a distinct musty odour or scent when the population is becoming large. These pests are known for their ability to transfer disease pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella and Typhus. Studies have also indicated in large metropolitan areas that Asthma is directly linked in the presence of German cockroaches and children. 

Controlling german cockroaches

Once you have discovered a German cockroach infestation you will have great difficulty to bring it under control. Please take the proper precautions contact your local cockroach pest control Brisbane consultant immediately! 

You will require several program implemented for proper treatment. 

For treatment Slug a Bug Pest Solutions use special gelling in crack and crevice in out of reach places of children and pets close to where the harbor to the cockroaches and their nests. 

Also applying the insect growth regulator to any places where cockroaches frequent like to hide this will interfere with their natural development stopping them from reaching adulthood and breeding. 

A special residual pesticide is placed around your home forming a strong barrier blanketing skirting’s and perimeter of your home or business so when the cockroaches come out of their hiding spot they will be doused in the special residual insecticide. 

Handy Tips

  • On sight of nasty pests be sure to seal any holes on the outside of structures and holes in brickwork, cladding can be blocked up by using caulking or weather-strips on bottom of doors to block easy access for pests. 
  • You can reduce all or most of a debris, mulches, leaves and dead stumps where they might form harborages, minimize any foliage or trees touching the house and any garden beds against structures AROUND YOU HOME OR WORK PLACE. 
  • Make sure your housekeeping is always kept up to date. This can also reduce any further infestation/sightings.  
  • Make sure screens don’t have holes in them and that you have Fly screens on all entry points, doors and windows. 

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Please Note:

At Slug a Bug Pest Solutions we pride ourselves on sharing the correct and most up to date information so you can reduce any cockroach infestation. This is easily done by removing food sources, cleaning greasy area, water sources around the house securing all Fly screens on windows and doors, weather stripping where required, vacuum, sweep and disinfect floors regularly, removing and/or replacing any cupboard linings, plastic bags etc.

Every home or business is different so we prepare a treatment plan tailored to each individual home or business.

It is an ongoing process keeping cockroaches out of your house or business it is not a onetime event our technician will assess your home and implement treatment program with ongoing monitoring to keep any infestation under control.

After we have inspected the property we will identify any conductive conditions that are attracting pests we urge you have these issues rectified so we can prevent pests from entering your structure in the first place and reduce the amount pests seen throughout the year.