From Slug a Bug Pest Solutions in Brisbane. Today I want to talk to you about German cockroaches one of the most commonly spotted cockroaches throughout southeast Queensland. I would have to say German cockroaches are among one of my biggest pest in commercial and residential situations. Here in Brisbane, we have the perfect weather for them to survive and thrive. You will find as the weather gets hotter and more humid, it becomes very favorable breeding conditions for these little menaces. Look, here’s some hard facts German cockroach females breed at phenomenal rates. One female and her offspring can literally produce hundreds of 1000s of cockroaches per year in the right conditions. Then bam they’ve taken over your home or business. If this happens to you, make sure you call your local pest control company and make sure you’re clear from infestations. Look guys, if you live in Brisbane or gold coast areas that would be slug about pest solutions. You can call me on 1-800-959-663 and I can come and make sure you’re pest free. Make sure you keep your regular pest inspections and treatments up to date because it’s a long and expensive road back to getting a controllable situation once these German cockroaches have an outbreak. Many residential customers and commercial businesses don’t realize till it’s way too late that they have an infestation of German cockroaches. These guys are little experts at hiding and flying under the radar and going undetected till it’s too late. Cockroaches carry pathogenic bacteria spreading germs and disease such as Salmonella streptococcus cockroaches can also have the viruses like polio virus just to think they’re crawling around on your benches and on your benchtops without you even knowing while you’re asleep. Disgusting, right? Alright guys, here’s some spots to watch out for. You can find German cockroaches breathing in cracks and crevices under benches underneath the sink lip in your kettles around the fridge lining in the seals, in microwaves underneath stove tops, coffee machines, they love these areas around hot and cold pipes. They love the warmth on the warm pipes and get the condensation off the cold pipes. All these areas producing a perfect environment for these guys to thrive and survive undetected. German cockroaches are one of the most difficult species to bring under control for some customers. If not treated correctly, these guys can just breed exponentially, then you have little to no chance to bring them under control if you’re not getting treated properly. Look what we do different here at slugger bug to treat German cockroaches. Number one, we identify harborage hotspots. Number two, advise the customer of non chemical resolutions. Three, educate the customer on prevention. Four we start trading deep in cracks and crevices and their harborage sites. Five we place growth regulated gel in strategic places around the kitchen and the cupboards invention number six we use non repellent chemicals. So for every one cockroach that touches our product 50 More can die. Number seven, we follow up with a maintenance treatment two to three weeks later. This step seven is super important to gain control over German cockroaches. Unfortunately, many companies fail to offer this step which results in an outbreak two to three weeks later, which once again will go undetected until it’s too late. Look us put it simply you won’t be disappointed when you engage slugger bug pest solutions to do your service. We use gold standard products and we have a gold standard service. We’re dedicated to providing the best service we can to our customers. So called Slug a Bug Pest Solutions on 1-800-959-663. As for me, Jason, I can get you booked in today. I hope some of this information was helpful to you guys. If so please like and share this podcast. Don’t forget, check out our socials YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to find out more tips and tricks. Don’t settle for anything but the best course Slug a Bug Pest Solutions today. Check out our Google reviews. We’ve got some of the best reviews in Brisbane. We don’t like to disappoint our customers. That’s why we strive to provide a gold standard quality service