Lawn grubs are happiest in hot and dry conditions! Save your lawn today!
Have you ever wondered what the little cocoons are around the outside of your house on the eaves?

There is an extremely large number of moths around at the moment which, in turn, means you most probably have lawn grubs.

Lawn grubs are commonly found around the Eastern Seaboard and Western Australia but have been known to migrate. This means they are probably on the way to kill your lawn.

Get ahead of their game and Call SLUG A BUG to kill the bugs!Lawn grubs can cause irreversible damage very quickly. In the juvenile stage of their cycle these guys thrive around the same time your lawn roots are thriving. Lawn grubs can destroy your lawn 30 cm patch every day so act fast on treating these pests!


Lawn grubs or sometimes also known as curl grubs and will have creamy/grey bodies and brown head. Usually they are found curled in a C shape. These are larvae of African Beatles (shiny black beetle) loves to chomp away at the stems of your plants.


You will normally find these guys around the top of the lawn in the evening. Often, they look like a caterpillar as they appear green and brown in colour The larvae of the armyworm tend to feed on grasslands and pasture.


These guys are also brown/green in colour.
When they are grown they are known to have a orange/grey heads and taned coloured hair on their bodies. They will borrow at the base of your lawn during the day and come out to feed on the lawn blades at night. They are larvae of the Krampus moth. A silver or grey, off white Slim moth will fly around the lawn in zigzag patterns laying their eggs your precious lawn.