Hello Jason here from Slug a Bug pest solutions here in Brisbane. Why do spiders keep coming in my house. Good question. Even though spiders can be a natural defense against pests coming in your property since they eat all insects, you still don’t want them coming inside right? We understand this that slug about pest solutions so here’s some pest advice for you. You may find after a pest treatment, you still have the odd spider coming in sometimes, this new spider invasion doesn’t always indicate that the pesticides are not working. Let’s try identify some underlying issues that may be contributing to your problem. Spider

females will try to find a nice safe place to lay their eggs holding hundreds of spiderlings at a time removing any spiders webs and eggs that are in hidden spaces will reduce the chances of you and your family getting a big scare. Working with your pest technician is a sure way to stop spiders coming back in your home.

Here are some areas and issues to address to stop your house being a friendly spider environment. Garages underneath house in storage areas throughout the house. in dark corners, the cupboards, underneath cupboards and benches and cabinets. These areas normally containing clutter and stored goods boxes, and personal effects. These areas becoming a new hangout where spiders will lay many more eggs where you don’t expect making these areas thoroughly clean will help prevent spiders setting up shop in your home. Also maintenance and gardens, trees touching the house mulch up against the house, overgrown foliage grass and weeds against the house. This also contributing to spiders coming in your home. A clutter free and well maintained property will also make your pest treatment more effective. As you can appreciate pest technicians can’t display all over your clothes and personal effects. So it’s very important to make sure you do your part as well. So keep in mind when your pest technician did the initial spray in these hidden areas where your clothes in any cluttered areas are these little sneaky spiders are hiding in their webs this in the future stopping them from touching any residual spray since they live in webs as well. So it’s very important to stuck them down with the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, this gives spiders the opportunity to multiply quite rapidly throughout the webs.

Extreme weather conditions also being a factor why spiders try to come in your home when it’s hot outside drought conditions. When it’s raining storming, they want to come inside and try and get some shelter. Spiders have very tiny bodies which gives them the opportunity to squeeze through cracks and crevices throughout your property. So making sure you seal everything to the best of your ability is going to help reduce spider siding throughout the year in your property. Remember when you apply pesticides to your property, it doesn’t mean spiders are going to die on contact. They still have to pick up enough lethal dose to die. For ongoing issues. Call me Jason at Slug a Bug pest solutions on 1-800-959-6630. That’s 1-800-959-6638 Don’t forget to check out the videos at the end for more pest advice and don’t forget tell your friends and family about Slug a Bug.