Hello Jason here from Slug a Bug pest solutions in Brisbane. Thanks for stopping by again guys. Today I want to talk about termite treated zones and using Termidor or Termidor HE here at Slug a Bug we use the best products on the market to protect your home against termites. Termites are one of the most destructive pest causing the most structural damage to Brisbane homes. One in every three homes potentially gets affected by termites at some stage in this lifetime. The danger is growing rapidly. Termites reproduce at a phenomenal rate. The termite Queen makes reproductive termites. They have two flights a year, normally in the warmer seasons, studying new colonies constantly. We know your home is a major investment and we want to keep it safe from termite attacks. We don’t want your prized possession getting destroyed by termites compared to the damage that termites can cause it’s worthwhile investing in a relatively small investment for termite treated zone. I see it all the time, people tell me we’ll be right. Now compared to the damage that they caused, costing you many more 1000s I’d prefer a termite treated zone personally. Protect your house today, call us for a quote on 1-800-959-6638. Here at Slug a Bug we only use the best products on the market Termidor and Termidor HE the company is so confident in their product that they will offer you a $2 million timber warranty upon completion. These two products are non repellent chemicals. This giving the most effective colony control money can buy. This is amazing guys. This is how Termidor HE works through an amazing transfer effect. Termites do not realize that they’re being infected. Once they move through the treatment, they’re unaware that they’re spreading it right through that whole colony. Once they are infected, and they take it back to the Queen, BAM! colony annihilated call today. 1 809 59663 asked me about Termidor He and I can give you some more information. It’s a high efficiency product that gives termite technicians a wider scope in providing more cutting edge superior treatment on your property without cutting corners or damaging the aesthetic look of your property. This product is capable of spanning across 400 millimetres space, protecting your tiles from getting cracks in the middle. Moving on to your hot water system. When using Termidor HE, you do not have to move your hot water system from the perimeter wall, which means this product when installed is up to Australian standards. Also this chemical gives you a life expectancy of eight years and don’t forget you get that $2 million timber warranty. Check out the diagrams below and see what I mean about maintaining and pleasant look Termidor he has the same active ingredient as Termidor residual, but with Termidor HE it has an advanced polymer technology which allows Termidor HE to spread through the soil a lot further than Termidor which provides you with a superior finish and less disruption and damage to your property. All Slug a Bug technicians are highly trained in chemically treated zones using Termidor and Termidor HE and also baiting systems not to mention accredited by Termidor brand itself Termidor and Termidor HE can be combined and used with Trelona ATBS baiting systems to give you a wider scope of protection for your property. This should provide you with peace of mind you deserve. Call Slug a Bug today on 1-800-959-6634 fo your obligation free quote you can rest assured the team at Slug a Bug takes extreme pride in our workmanship, always striving to provide gold standard quality service for our customers. Thank you for listening guys. If you liked this podcast, please like and share and don’t forget to tell your friends thank you!