Brisbane, Jason here again from Slug a Bug Pest Solutions How y’all going? Today I want to talk about Trelona ATBS baiting systems. We want to protect your home. Slug a Bug has installed hundreds of Trelona baiting systems throughout Brisbane. Without a doubt, I’d have to say this is the winner over all baiting systems. Trelona ATBS systems attract termites faster than any other systems I’ve used, produced by the makers of Termidor residual and Termidor He, the leaders in non repellent termicide, not to mention has never had a product failure in its history. quite impressed really, termites cause most structural damage to Brisbane homes responsible for damaging one in three homes. Termites are savage.Termites are found everywhere they don’t discriminate this baiting system has advanced baiting matrix. Put simply, it is irresistible for foraging termites stop, them causing major damage to your home. This system is the only system that allows termite technicians to develop a tailored management plan for your home that combines the leading termite brands Termidor and Termidor, He and Trelona ATBS to be used in conjunction with each other, making it one of the best combinations of defense against termites because some constructions just cannot get complete termite traded zones around them to Australian standards, providing amazing flexibility, providing you with peace of mind that you deserve. Unlike other baiting systems, this has been specifically designed to help homeowners save a dollar and to be more efficient. Other baiting systems require three monthly inspections to Trelona ATBS requires six monthly inspections. So you’re saving dollars straight up for your homeowner when we installed Trelona ATBS we install them about three meters apart and we run them all along the drip line right around the house on the ground. Also we have a professional concrete core that comes out and cuts the concrete in the concrete sections for us so you can be assured that you’re having professionals carry out your service. This product is specifically designed so pets and children cannot access the system. Since 2002 Termidor has been producing the leading most trusted products throughout the pest industry. That’s why I prefer Trelona. At Slug a Bug, you can’t beat quality. If we recommend at baiting system for your property. We have made an informed decision due to the construction type of your property. The Trelona ATBS system can be more cost effective than a termite treated zone, constantly getting monitored and ensuring that you have no termite attack on your home or office for Trelona ATBS is the clear winner. When engaging Slug a Bug pest solutions, you will be looking at paying two to $4,000 Depending on the size of your home. It can be large or small so it fluctuates to Trelona ATBS. last about four years in ground then we have to swap out the baits reducing the cost making this come down cheaper than other systems working in your favor called slug a bug today on 1-800-895-9663 and asked for your free no obligation proposal designed specifically for your property. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast. Don’t forget to like and share and tell your friends about us.