To reduce the chances of ant infestation:

  • Regularly empty trash cans
  • Do not leave food unattended / uncovered
  • Always wipe your condiments down after use
  • Keep benches dry
  • Make sure to be vigilant with cleaning any crumbs off floor and benches
  • Avoid using matting under stored food produces
  • Be vigilant with sealing any cracks n crevices
  • Keep foliage cut back from house
  • Remove any stumps near structure / wood piles

Ant workers are very active foraging on wide range of foods including sweet substances, seeds, insects and aphid secretions ‘honey dew’.

Other common hiding spots around the home or workplace may consist of warm and moist areas.

The common Ants nests may survive for many years, but young queen ants that leave the nest as ‘flying ants’ start new colony’s each and every year. There is only 1 queen per nest who lays the eggs

The adult worker Ants are brown/black in colour and are known to grow on average to 3-5mm long. Common ant queens are winged at first, 12mm long and can live for several years.

Foraging ant workers are a nuisance but normally not a health risk. They guard aphids that damage garden plants. Sexual forms, ‘flying ants’, may emerge in large numbers close to or inside houses.

Once the pupal stage is complete, the adult ant comes on the scene. At the time of emergence, the adult ant is fully grown, but darkens in colour as it ages. Adult ants are one of 3 different colonies which include The queens, the workers and males. Queens are fertile females that lay all the eggs in a single colony. Workers are females that do not reproduce, but do gather food, feed the young and maintain and clean the nest. Workers are wingless, and it is the worker stage that is seen foraging around for food or defending the colony from any prey or intruders. The male ants are winged, but their only job is to mate with the queens during the swarming process.

DIY Methods

Can be ineffective as most do-it-yourself methods will only kill the ant that are present these treatments are not getting back to the colony witch will leave you open for future infestations.


Professional Ant Treatments are safe & more efficient. Use of advanced ant control chemical products will ensure long lasting and thorough protection.

Ant treatment consists of

  • A high performance residual insecticide suitable for ant control
  • A dust formulation insecticide – superior ant killer
  • Application of liquid formulation as a course spray onto floor & wall junctions (edges of floor) and onto ant trails (where visible). External insecticidal barrier created around perimeters.
  • A dust formulation of insecticide is applied into cavities and to other inaccessible areas where ants may be foraging or are penetrating through.
  • Ant gel – bait formulation to attract and control black ants
  • Insecticidal ant gel is applied with bait gun as small drops along trails where ants are known to be foraging and/or in common areas of your home or work place.
  • Also liquid/gel ant café are place to ensure no re infestation.

(It is advised all residents & pets are not in same area when spray is being conducted )

Preparation prior treatment

  • Cover fish tanks & remove pets from inside while treatments are being conducted.
  • Remove all children’s toys & any clothing from the floor. Access to all exposed carpet will allow for a more thorough treatment.
  • Leave any existing ant trails do not treat them before your technician arrives
  • Be sure to wipe all benches down mop floors reducing food source for Ants
  • Make sure you vacuum all floors reducing food source for Ants
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Make sure kitchen is free of dirty dishes
  • After you pet is finished food clean food and water bowls making the area less attractive to Ants
  • (It is advised all residents & pets are not in same area when spray is being conducted )

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