Bed Bugs Tips & Advice

Bedbugs are easily over looked or generally not acknowledged as they are not as common and visible as the common Ant or Cockroach. Bedbugs are often mistaken for fluff or an apple seed as they are flat in shape, approximately 45mm in length and are brown/red in colour. Though, after a Bedbug has fed its body can swell, in turn changing its size and flat appearance. 

The Bedbug will feed on blood in cool conditions and are generally more active at night and when there is minimal movement in their surroundings. 

It is also a known fact that Bedbugs can survive a full 12 months without a single meal  

The most common and perfect nesting areas for Bedbugs are in and around electrical outlets, cracks and crevices of your home or office, but Bedbugs love to hide in most furniture such as bed frames or bases, bedside tables, mattresses, sheets and bed linen. Often, forgotten areas are lounge/chairs, travel bag/cases and can also be passed on through handbags, wallets and purses. 

Reproduction female bedbugs can lay up to 1 to 5 eggs a day over a lifetime they can produce 200 to 500 eggs in a bedbug’s life period I will adequate food supply and standard room temperature conditions and bugs live 300 days conditions 

Bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases onto the host however bedbugs may be able to carry diseases 

Bedbug feed on blood with bites people have various responses to bed bug bite because of this it can be hard to identify bed bugs bite so consult Health professional to ascertain an accurate diagnosis for your pest professional to come and see if you have any other signs of bedbugs 

If you believe you have seen evidence of bedbugs and want to check your house from having a bedbug infestation call your friendly slack about inspector 

Bedbugs can be very hard to find and sneaky but you are slack about we have people trained in this area and can come and inspect your home including furniture rugs beds checking all cracks in crevices and areas where bedbugs normally frequent 

Technicians will normally start in your bedroom working through to your lounge room and any areas you may think I reflected any immediate areas around furniture looking for signs of bedbugs 

Such as live or dead bedbugs skin test of the mulching process small spot of black and red faecal matter creamed coloured tiny eggs in Clarkson properties. 

Basic steps of eradication

After we have done a thorough inspection we will inform you of the best course of action. Should the inspection confirm you have an infestation SLUG A BUG PEST SOLUTIONS will always apply the latest techniques and tools in defending your home against bedbugs, targeting the source, stopping them from breeding and anything further causing you a tremendous amount of money and a very bad headache. 

As bedbugs are hard to eradicate, when we implement our plan of attack this may require additional visits from you SLUG A BUG technician to so we can break the cycle and make your home bedbug FREE so that you don’t experience any more discomfort, hefty price tags or lingering headaches. 





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