If conditions are ideal, mature adults will emerge from the cocoon within 7-14 days, but in adverse conditions this is known to take up to a year. Sensing vibration, heat and carbon dioxide they emerge ready to feed on any near by warm blooded source.

Where They Thrive

The common Flea prefers a warm, humid environment where dust and debris accumulate. They thrive underneath buildings and in yards frequented by animals. The soft furnishing and pet bedding in a household or work place are more of a luxury style accommodation to a flea infestation.

Diets Consist

Predictably, the common adult flea diets on blood usually from your household or human host, but also other from other animals such as rats. The Larvae will feed on any organic debris including the faeces of adult fleas which still contain traces of blood

DIY Prevention

The most effective ‘non chemical’ flea control is daily vacuuming fo all the hard to reach places including sofas, beds, mattresses, cushions, curtains and doormats. Used in conjunction with proper topical controls, vacuuming will help to reduces fleas and eggs in the environment. Special attention should also be paid to any and all animal bedding, which should be washed in bleach and aired to dry regularly.

Spot Infestation

Flea’s have no wings and are quite small. Their size ranges from 2-4mm inn length. They are also dark in colour with a narrow body and long legs which they use to jump up to 20cm vertically and 40cm horizontally.

Other indicators include:

  • Pest itching/ scratching
  • Bite on pests
  • Human bite on skin
  • Seeing fleas jumping on your skin

Adequate flea pest control requires a two-pronged approach: both the pet and its environment must be treated. Only 5% of a flea population is on an animal, the rest is in the environment ( On average: 15% Pupae, 35% Larvae & 50% eggs).

Preparation Prior Treatment

  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas, concentrating under all furniture, especially high-pressure areas where infestation is heavy.
  • Vacuum all soft furniture focusing on hard to reach cracks & crevices.
  • Discard vacuum bag and/or contents securely & immediately!
  • Cover fish tanks & remove pets from inside while treatments are being conducted.
  • Remove all children’s toys & any clothing from the floor. Access to all exposed carpet will allow for a more thorough treatment.
  • Remove all linen’s including pet beds & blankets (wash in hot water & dry)
  • Please ensure a quality Flea treatment and bath wash is regularly available for your pet at all times.
  • (It is advised all residents & pets are to vacate premises for 4 hours)

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