Hey guys, Jason here from Slug a Bug pest solutions again, here in Brisbane. Today I’m going to be talking a bit about some lawn grubs. Did you know lawn grubs are happiest when it’s hot and dry conditions. There’s an extremely large number of moth eggs at the moment which means you probably have lawn grubs. That is what Koreans are around the outside of your property around the pipes under the AIDS found around the eastern seaboard and Western Australia but have been known to migrate but had been known to migrate which means they’ve probably on the way to kill your law. Call Slug a Bug today on 1-800-895-9663. Slug a Bug pest solutions in Brisbane does a lot of houses before people actually move into their brand new home. And I found that the lawn people with the lawn in bring along grubs to start with and they just multiply rapidly by the month the first month that people have moved in their lawn is destroyed. And they’re always like, why is that? Bad you’re raising guys. Low rubs we’ll do irreversible damage very very quickly throughout your lawn roots, a juvenile stages their cycle these stages of their cycle these guys can be quite aggressive. destroying your lawn extremely fast and thriving. Long rubs can destroy your lawn at 30 centimeter patch a night. Long rubs could destroy your lawn. Long rubs can destroy your lawn about a 30 centimeter patch every night. So act fast treat these pests for it gets out of hand. Long grubs, co grubs. They have a creamy frayed bodies. Brown heads usually found curled in a C shape. These are larvae of the beetles like African Vader’s this shiny, shiny black beetle loves to pump like the stems of the plant.